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In my experience Online Coaching only works when there is actual one on one time with your Coach. This way your Coach can truly personalise your whole program to ensure you actually get results. Also they can teach and guide you on how to make changes you actually stick to. That's why our programs include scheduled Skype sessions to make sure you keep on track and are being held accountable. 


I also have a big emphasis on improving my client's mindset as I believe most people will struggle to change without addressing the cognitive reasons behind poor choices. This will make sure you are intrinsically motivated (much more likely to succeed longterm) to keep changing and improving for the better.


With all Online Coaching everyone gets a login to your personalised online hub. This is where you will fill in a questionnaire to tell us all your goals, fitness levels, injuries and mental wellbeing to ensure you get the right program and help. You also get access to my own app that contains your personalised nutrition plan, exercise program, appointment calendar, habit tracker, my 5 steps to easy weight loss, 5 steps to easy change Ebooks & much more. 


Now why should you chose me as your Online Coach? After 13 years experience in the fitness industry I have helped hundreds of people both online and in person reach their goals. Whilst working in the industry for 13 years I have studied Fitness & Health extensively with many courses attained such as ASCA Strength & Conditioning, Crossfit Coaching, ISSN Nutrition, Precision Nutrition, Diploma of Applied Psychology, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Mobility Courses and many more. I could go on but you get the idea, with all our online programs you can always cancel anytime if its not working out so it really is risk free. 


Its time for you to do something positive for yourself, to see how far you can get with our help and to change your life for the better. so hit the store button below pick a membership or package that suits you and get started!  


Hi, my name is Les Hooper and I'm the owner of Fitness Collective. My mission is to help people online who struggle to get body weight loss results and motivation to change.


I do this using the therapeutic properties of mindfulness, positive reinforcement, sustainable nutrition practices and functional movement. As someone who has struggled with some mental well-being issues myself I find it easy to empathise with people who are going through similar experiences.


Whether you are having problems with depression, anxiety, addictions, weight loss, muscle increase, injuries or just want to improve your quality of life and health I will be able to help.


I have been a Personal Trainer now for over 13 years and have worked with and helped hundreds of clients reach their goals. My qualifications include being a ASCA Strength & Conditioning Coach, Diploma of Applied Psychology, ISSN Nutritionist, Crossfit Coach, TAFE Certified Personal Trainer and many more specialised courses.


I look forward to hearing from you and if there are any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.



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